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Creating Humanistic Workplace Cultures

Humanistic Professionals hosted Dr. Jerry Wagner of the Association of Culture Ambassadors to speak about culture ambassadors and changing corporate culture. The conversation was wide ranging and Jerry mentioned several resources for further study.  

PRME Anti-Poverty Group – Survey

The PRME Anti-poverty Working Group is now launching a Global Survey on Students’ Voice on the SDGs and the Issue of Poverty in Management Education. Deadling June 30th

Humanistic Management Ph.D. Network May 2018

Humanistic Management Ph.D. Network May 2018

In our monthly gatherings the Humanistic Mangement Ph.D. network is featuring  the work of selected Ph.D. students in the field to : 1) highlight the topic 2) share general insights on the Ph.D. journey; its trials, tribulations and triumphs 3) share and discuss concerns of members of the group via zoom This session will feature Elizabeth Luckman (Washington University in St. Louis) and Pamela Robinson (Case Western).  It will also feature comments by David Wasieleski, Erica Steckler and Michael Read more [...]

Book Awards

The IHMA awards honor contributions that are conceptually rigorous, novel, and/or empirically strong. For the scholarly award we value novel conceptual contributions that help build organizing and management theory. For our practice award we recognize impactful writings that can influence organizing and management practice. For our policy award, we recognize work that builds on the foundational ideas of dignity protection and well-being promotion and develops propositions for policy and eco-system design. Our PhD related awards and recognition classify as scholarly contributions.