Ramya T. Venkateswaran

Ramya T. Venkateswaran is an Associate Professor at Indian Institute of Management Calcutta. She joined academia after completing more than a decade of corporate work experience in India and teaches courses on Strategic Management, Strategy Execution and International Business. Her research interests are in the areas of culture in international business where her perspectives have evolved through adopting a range of perspectives – mainstream-quantitative, critical, philosophical and decolonial and with current focus on discovering indigenous research approaches. She has published in Asia Pacific Business Review, Asia Pacific Journal of Management, Critical Perspectives on International Business, and Journal of Business Research, and presented her research work at several international conferences. She is a three-time winner of Best Reviewer awards at the Academy of Management and won a Best Instructor Award at the X-Culture project in 2018 among instructors from 37 countries. Her email id is ramyatv@iimcal.ac.in.

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