Our Strategy

IHMA Executive Summary of Overarching Goal & Strategic Priorities

Overarching Goal

By 2025, IHMA will have fostered a vibrant and interconnected ecosystem of organizational and business leaders, educators, researchers, policymakers, and media representatives who are actively collaborating in advancing and institutionalizing HM research, teaching, and practices.

IHMA Strategic Priorities

Strategic PillarStrategic Priority
1. ResearchAdvance Humanistic Management (HM) research activities globally by convening researchers and establishing classifications, research approaches, and findings that will develop and spread HM research, education, practice, and policy.
2. EducationTransform business education at a global scale to center on protecting human dignity and promoting human flourishing through good human work, by creating partnerships and accelerating curriculum transformation, faculty development, and institutional development that will foster caring leaders and positive changemakers.
3. PracticeBuild and accelerate adoption of HM mindsets, language, values, skills, norms, and practices across management practice.
4. PolicyConvene and support policy makers to create and sustain an economy in support of life.

5. Field & Association Building
Build the strategic partnerships, personnel support, financial resources, and association infrastructure necessary to achieve IHMA strategic priorities and foster a thriving HM field and ecosystem.