Community Building

Global Humanistic Changemakers

We are offering a number of services and engagement platforms for global humanistic changemakers including webinars, necessary conversation formats, events and conferences.

We sponsor conversations among Humanistic Professionals and Necessary Conversations as well as conferences. Check out our upcoming events.



Humanistic Management Research

Research Collaborations

We facilitate Research Collaborations on conceptual, empirical, and pedagogical levels across the globe. This research can be featured in a number of formats including working papers, books, journal articles, and more.

We host an online PhD network for people studying humanistic management topics (Check out our upcoming events)

And we publish a Humanistic Management Journal



Humanistic Management Teaching

Educational Collaborations

We facilitate collaborations to teach humanistic management across the globe. We support the development of pedagogical material, the creation of humanistic management course content, executive seminars, workshops etc..

In addition to our conferences, we also encourage online learning through our videos:

And our online store:

Communities of Practice

Co-creative Innovation

We facilitate the formation of communities of practice for a variety of professionals, including academics, business practitioners, entrepreneurs, policy makers, media professionals and beyond.

We have a large number of publications written by a network of humanistic management academics and professionals in our store:

Our blog contains stories and articles for our members and partners: and we accept content submission for it as long as it is related to humanistic management:

And we create and disseminate videos on a wide variety of topics of interest to humanistic management professionals: