How to Get Involved with the International Humanistic Management Association


If you would like to get more involved there are a few ways to help.


Why volunteers are needed:

We are a collectively managed volunteer association.  Individuals who agree with our goals, mission and vision ( and who are interested in helping us co-create our strategic plan ( are encouraged to volunteer. Without people volunteering, nothing would get done.

How to volunteer:

Fill out the contact form and offer to volunteer (

Let us know what aspect of our work you are interested in and a little about your background.

We will contact you to discuss projects and activities and introduce you to other collaborators.

Authority and Decision Making

We are organized based on egalitarian democratic principles and make decisions by consensus. There is no formal hierarchy to our organization and this is done on purpose. Volunteers choose a project to work collaboratively on.

Coordination of activities is done through a leadership team that meets on a biweekly basis. Anyone is welcome to join the leadership team and suggest project ideas and activities. It is incumbent upon the individual suggesting the project to do the coordinating work required to make that project a reality.  This includes reaching out to other members of the organization to recruit co-collaborators to work on the project. Members of the team assist and collaborate to help with that process.

This system can be a little disorienting at first to people who are used to hierarchical systems of management and normal authoritarian methods of decision making. This is more like bees encouraging other bees to join them. Every person involved in the International Humanistic Management Association is considered equal in dignity and worth and authority. Work on projects is done both by consensus and collaboration.

Specific Project Needs:

We have been growing and the number of projects we are undertaking is also growing.  We have identified the following projects as important and are now looking for volunteers to help us with these.

Social Membership Site Creation and Management:

To aid us in collaboration and to find other like-minded individuals, we would like to create a social membership site so members of the organization can discuss, share and collaborate on projects directly without having to go through the leadership team.

We are looking for individuals who have experience building membership and social membership sites to help us design and create a membership portal.  A needs assessment has already been done and will be shared with any volunteer(s) who steps forward to help us create this.  Collaborators include our website coordinator, our newsletter and social media coordinator and our organizational coordinator.

Video Content Creation and Editing:

We host several video conferences every month, which generates a lot of video content and audio. It would be nice to edit these into smaller more easily distributed content. It would also be nice to use the audio to create a podcast of the content.  We are looking for individuals who have experience and an interest in video editing and video and audio content creation to help us edit our existing materials to make them more easily shareable on social media.  Collaborators include our event coordinators and our newsletter and social media coordinator.