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Aqeel Tirmizi

Aqeel Tirmizi is a Professor of Leadership, Management & Service, at Antioch University’s Graduate School of Leadership and Change. He has over 25 years of international experience in teaching, research, and consulting in the areas of leadership and management. His research and teaching focus on responsible leadership, cross-cultural leadership, wellbeing, and social innovation. He has developed and published multiple models of leadership. Aqeel has worked with leaders and senior managers Read more [...]

Celeste Diaz Ferraro: PhD candidate, Penn State University, SMEAL College of Business

Celeste Diaz Ferraro, a PhD candidate in management, organization studies and social thought at Penn State University, joined IHMA in 2017 to engage in a vibrant community bridging the divide between scholars and practitioners. Her research attempts to uncover ways business can be used as a tool to support human dignity, well-being and resilience, while her teaching and public engagement help individuals and communities leverage this knowledge for impact.

Applying the Principles of Humanistic Management – Humanistic Management Professionals Lunch and Learn

Topic Applying the Principles of Humanistic Management

What: This is a live zoom video conference - details on how to participate provided upon registration

When: Aug 23, 2019 at noon eastern.


Humanism is a philosophy that centers on respect for your fellow humans. It is a recognition that our behavior impacts others. We don’t live in a vacuum.

When we are in a leadership position, we have even more responsibility to do good, not just for ourselves, but for our team as Read more [...]

Elizabeth Castillo

Dr. Castillo studies organizational leadership through the lens of complex adaptive systems. Her research investigates capitalization of nonprofit organizations, particularly how intangible assets like social, cultural, and political capital contribute to the production of social and financial returns (the double bottom line). Her scholarship is inspired by two decades of management experience in the nonprofit sector, including the San Diego Natural History Museum and Balboa Park Cultural Partnership. Read more [...]

Michael Pirson

Michael Pirson is a father of three young sons. He is an Associate Professor of Management, Global Sustainability, and Social Entrepreneurship at Fordham University and Research Fellow at Harvard University. He co-founded the Humanistic Management Network and is the editor of the Journal of Humanistic Management. Michael is a full member of the Club of Rome, an international think-tank which acts as “a global catalyst for change.”

Biograpghy Read more [...]

Pauline McCharles

Pauline McCharles is a lifelong social entrepreneur with an MA in Organizational Development. She recognizes the beauty of owning up to who you are even at the workplace. Pauline’s workshops are coming from a humanistic approach, as a consultant she listens, listens to what is not being said and goes on a journey of discovery. Her job is to mirror this back at each member of the team. By recognizing one's own inner motor one can thrive at work and return home with dignity.

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Kerul Kassel

Dr. Kerul Kassel uses her doctorate in Human & Organizational Systems to help organizations and their leaders focus on (environmental and social) sustainability. She is the author of a book on applying systems thinking to business management practices, a sort of "CliffsNotes" to sustainability and systems thinking for executives and managers.

Her research focuses on sustainability in an organizational context, and she has been awarded a Fellowship at the Institute for Social Innovation.

In Read more [...]

Wade Chumney

Wade Chumney joined the David Nazarian College of Business and Economics in August 2014. Prior to that he was employed at Georgia Tech as the Cecil B. Day Assistant Professor of Business Ethics and Law in the Scheller College of Business since 2009.

His research agenda focuses on the interplay between business ethics, law and technology: focusing on intellectual property, data privacy and security, and the impact of the Internet.

He has also received several honors for his research. In 2011, Read more [...]

Jyoti Bachani

Dr. Jyoti Bachani is currently an associate professor in Saint Mary's College of California. Her research interests include strategy making in business and nonprofit organizations, management of technology and innovation, mindful use of technology for creating sustainable futures, humanistic management, experiential pedagogy, simulations and case-studies.

She has several years of experience as a strategy consultant to Fortune 200 companies, working for Strategic Decisions Group. She has authored, Read more [...]

David Wasieleski

David M. Wasieleski is the Chair of the Management and Marketing Department and Professor of Management & Business Ethics in the Palumbo Donahue School of Business at Duquesne University. His academic research focuses on natural science approaches to understanding ethical decision-making and the formation of social contracts within organizational contexts. He also studies cognitive biases on decision-making and behavior in workplace environments.

At Duquesne, he teaches business ethics, organizational Read more [...]