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Aliza Racelis

Aliza Racelis received her PhD in Business Administration (University of the Philippines Diliman) in April 2010. She is a Management Accounting and Business Ethics professor at the University of the Philippines Business School. Her current research interests are in the areas of Business Ethics, Corporate Governance, Virtue Theory, Social Responsibility, Transcendental Leadership, and Sustainability. In 2018, she was granted a Fulbright scholarship to do research and teaching in the U.S. during Read more [...]
Humanistic Conversations: Stefano Zamagni

Humanistic Conversations: Stefano Zamagni

Dignity in the workplace: humanistic managers and corporate civil responsability. The importance of the creative participation of young people in decision-making processes in political, social and community life, creating spaces where their word has full freedom of expression and the possibility of careful and effective reception. Il 29 Luglio 2020 dalle ore 16:00 alle ore 17:00 si svolgerà, via Zoom, la Humanistic Conversation sul tema Dignità sul lavoro: manager umanistici e responsabilità Read more [...]


A Talk By PROF. MUHAMMAD YUNUS The Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 2006 THE FOUNDER OF GRAMEEN BANK When:17 June Form 16:00 To 16:45 Bangladesh Local Time Via ZOOM   Indian Standard Time 15.30 To 16.15    Via ZOOMOrganized by India Chapter of International Humanistic Management Association In association of YUNUS CENTRE' BANGLADESH YUNUS Read more [...]

India Chapter

The India Chapter is hosting video conferences and other activities

And – not pictured: Prof Vasanthi Srinivasan of Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

Dialoghi di Economia Civile

Dialoghi di Economia Civile ai tempi del Covid-19 è il ciclo di webinar organizzato dalla SEC Scuola di Economia Civile, in collaborazione con la nuova Scuola Cooperativa di Federcasse.

Dopo l’evento lancio “Tra vecchie e nuove regole per una nuova grammatica sociale” di sabato 18 aprile con Cristina Bicchieri, University of Pennsylvania e Luigino Bruni, Università LUMSA la serie intende trattare tutti i temi della responsabilità civile, dal lavoro alle istituzioni, dalla Read more [...]

Why Humanistic Management is Critical in Times of Disruption

The dominant style of human management is what is termed as the Homo economicus standard. Homo is the Latin term for “modern man”, while economicus refers to the economy. The biggest problem with this arrangement is that we are Homo sapiens. We’re driven by a separate set of innate needs - hence, a grievous mismatch of values.

Under the Homo economicus model, we’ve got corporations and governance focused on two exclusive motivators while discounting other human drives. These two motivators Read more [...]

Italian Chapter Meeting

Italian Chapter Meeting

Il Capitolo Italiano 2020

Il 31 di Gennaio 2020 ci sarà il primo meeting annuale via zoom del capitolo Italiano. Connettetevi per conoscerci e per essere aggiornati sui nostri progetti futuri.

Date: Friday, Gen 31, 2020
Time: 18:00 – 19:00 Roma time (GMT +1)


- Partnership con la Società Italiana di Management (SIMA)
- Update su Journal, Libro e Special Issue
- Partecipazione Euram/AoM

- Evento annuale/eventuale acceleratore
- Read more [...]

Humanistic Management Conference Sessions at the Indian Academy of Management

Humanistic Management Conference Sessions at the Indian Academy of Management

There are several scholars in India doing good work that is perfectly aligned with the Humanistic Management values and goals. This community is connecting at the Indian Academy of Management Conference at the Indian Institute of Management – Trichy, where there are several paper sessions, and an Improv workshop and a panel on Humanistic Management.

Humanistic Management track at the Indian Academy of Management Conference

You are invited to join the Indian Academy of Management conference 2-4 Jan, 2020 at the Indian Institute of Management, Tiruchiappalli (Trichy), India, where several International and Indian scholars will be presenting their research on several topics including a special track on Humanistic Management. About 600 scholars will present at the conference, of which 20 are in the Humanistic Management track. Trichy is an ancient temple city to visit.