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Common Good Economy

Economy for the Common Good is a social movement advocating for an alternative economic model. It calls for working towards the common good and cooperation instead of profit-orientation and competition which lead to greed and uncontrolled growth. Christian Felber coined the term in his book Die Gemeinwohl-├ľkonomie - Das Wirtschaftsmodell der Zukunft, published in 2010. According to Felber, it makes much more sense for companies to create a so-called "common good balance sheet" than a financial balance Read more [...]

Content Submission

The International Humanistic Management Association is committed to promoting, collaborating and educating people on the importance of taking a Humanistic Management approach.  To that end, we welcome submissions from members to help us amplify the work of our members and allied organizations. You can submit event notices, calls for submission, videos, blogs, articles and anything of interest to people interested in Humanistic Management. To submit content to our blog, visit our membership site Read more [...]
IHMA Strategic Plan – Working document

IHMA Strategic Plan – Working document

The United States Chapter developed a working strategy for the growth of our chapter. This document has not been formally ratified, but it represents what we have been working towards creating. We are sharing this here to allow members and prospective members to better understand what we hope to accomplish through the association. Your comments and feedback on this document is appreciated. Humanistic Management Network United States Chapter (HMNUS) - Strategic Plan Purpose: To act as Read more [...]