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New Book: Quantum Leadership: New Consciousness in Business

In this new book, Frederick Chavalit Tsao and Chris Laszlo argue that current approaches to leadership fail to produce positive outcomes for either business or society. Employee disengagement and customer fickleness remain high, resulting in a lack of creativity and collaboration at all levels of entrepreneurial activity, while investor demands for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) are still poorly integrated into the executive mindset. Only through greater awareness of our connectedness―to purpose, community, and nature―can we develop profit strategies for human flourishing.

New Book: Applied Humanism: How to Create more Effective and Ethical Businesses

You can’t understand humanistic business management unless you understand what humanism is. This book provides a short introduction to the philosophy of humanism and discusses how and why it is being applied to business and why it is so effective when you do so. Humanism helps us prioritize human value as important. It supports positive interpersonal relationships and collaborative and respectful decision-making. Since all businesses are in the business of solving problems, good problem solving is essential to good business.

Book Awards

The IHMA awards honor contributions that are conceptually rigorous, novel, and/or empirically strong. For the scholarly award we value novel conceptual contributions that help build organizing and management theory. For our practice award we recognize impactful writings that can influence organizing and management practice. For our policy award, we recognize work that builds on the foundational ideas of dignity protection and well-being promotion and develops propositions for policy and eco-system design. Our PhD related awards and recognition classify as scholarly contributions.