Giorgia Nigri

Giorgia is a practitioner and active researcher in the field of management studies. She works for Italy’s export credit agency since 2013 and has been a for-profit business consultant for over ten years. She is a certified benefit impact manager and an endorser of Responsible Research in Business Management.
Giorgia completed her Ph.D. in Civil Economics at LUMSA University, her MBA at the Luiss Guido Carli Business School and her undergraduate studies- her BA in business administration and her minor in international relations at John Cabot University and University of Wales. She did her study abroad at the American University of Paris, who will always have a special place in her heart, and summer schools at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and Università degli Studi di Trento. Her research interests lie in the area of sustainability, sustainable development and corporate social responsibility, with particular attention to new hybrid forms of business- such as benefit corporations and social purpose companies- and practices- such as Teal and Flourishing.
Giorgia lives with her husband, and together they like to enjoy good food, wine and beer (which they produce themselves). On top of her double practitioner/researcher life Giorgia likes hiking, art expositions and her bicycle.

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