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Subject: Alternatives to Theory of Firm/Alternative Theories of the Firm Reminder: Call for Abstracts for Edited Book Volume to be published in Humanistic Management Series, Routledge Publishers

Co-editors: David Korten, Michael Pirson, David Wasieleski, Erica Steckler, Ricardo Aguado

*Overview:* The Theory of the Firm is the holy grail of business school academicians. It posits that markets act perfectly to maximize the well-being of the society when people act to maximize the personal utility of their individual purchases and firms act to maximize financial returns to their owners.

Evidence is growing that the social and environmental consequences of applying this theory in the organization of business and society threatens our species survival. This suggests the need for a new theory- or possibly a set of new theories.

This aim of this book is to catalyze ongoing research on alternatives to the current theory of the firm. The book is envisioned to provide space for stringent criticism of the existing theories of the firm and provide alternative approaches to theories of firms, organizations, business, organizing etc. The objective of this volume is to provide a broader set of basic frameworks from which researchers can envision, theorize, and develop managerial approaches to solving current existential crises.

*Background:* Sparked by several, ongoing conversations within the International Humanistic Management Association and beyond several scholars and thought leaders wish to use various vehicles to move forward what we deem necessary: a set of conceptual frameworks that allow us to theorize, teach, practice and inform policy related to our species survival.

*Assumptions:* We operate under the assumption that much thinking on better frameworks to understand organizational activity in business and beyond has already occurred. We further assume that such theorizing can serve better to address the current challenges our species needs to address, namely the destruction of our habitat.

*Invitation*: Given the above, we invite everyone that can and wants to contribute to better conceptualizations of the firm, business, management, organizing to share their best thinking.

*Potential contributions* can focus but are not limited to:

· Problems with current theories of the firm

· Alternative theories of the firm

· Basic propositions that support:

o Theories of community

o Theories of organizing

o Theories of business

o Theories of management

· Etc.

*Process *Abstracts of a maximum of 350 words are solicited until September, 30th 2018. Feedback will be given until November 15th. Full submissions are due on January 31st 2019. The book is to be published end of 2019/mid 2020.

*Submissions to: <>*