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Projects organized by or co-sponsored by the International Humanistic Management Association

Decolonizing Management Knowledge in India: Promoting Pluri-versalism through Indigenous Knowledge Paradigms

Decolonizing Management Knowledge in India: Promoting Pluri-versalism through Indigenous Knowledge Paradigms

Panel Discussion: Indigenous Indian Management (contd.)Indian Academy of Management 2023 Decolonizing Management Knowledge in India: Promoting Pluri-versalism through indigenous knowledgeparadigms. Wednesday, February 15, 2023, 1000AM-1200PM IST, Online mode Zoom link: To be shared upon prior registration. Register here. Co-promoters:International Humanistic Management Association (IHMA)Management Center for Human Values (MCHV), IIM Calcutta This is an extension of the conversation Read more [...]
Wisdom & Flourishing Track

Wisdom & Flourishing Track

This research track is concerned with scholarship that aims to explain and foster wisdom and flourishing at work and in society. Thus, this track welcomes research that is guided by the question: “How can we use business and business education to create a more wise and flourishing world?” Wisdom can be defined as a form of knowing in which people (both individuals and collectives) understand, in any context, which actions or inactions will create the most good in the long run. Flourishing can Read more [...]
Research Laboratories

Research Laboratories

The International Humanistic Management Association is proud to introduce its collaborative research laboratories.  Research into enabling organizations to promote dignity and preserve well-being are a cornerstone of IHMA's scholarly eco-system.  The Research Labs serve to connect to larger scientific networks and expand resources to engage in innovative joint research and the dissemination and transfer of results to academic and business professional communities. The scope of research Read more [...]
PhD Student Network Program Series

PhD Student Network Program Series

Welcome to IHMA's Humanistic Management PhD Network. We support PhD students with mentoring, networking, and research opportunities. We also offer possibilities to connect researchers for publication work, and data gathering sites in companies and organizations linked to IHMA. This international program is designed to connect doctoral students around the world who do work related to humanistic management and all its components. IHMA PhD Network Program Series (Sponsored by the Albert P. Read more [...]

Teaching Teachers to Teach Values

This project includes video lessons from experienced educators on how they go about teaching values in the classroom and links to resources that are used by educators to help promote and teach ethics and values.

Dialoghi di Economia Civile

Dialoghi di Economia Civile ai tempi del Covid-19 è il ciclo di webinar organizzato dalla SEC Scuola di Economia Civile, in collaborazione con la nuova Scuola Cooperativa di Federcasse.

Dopo l’evento lancio “Tra vecchie e nuove regole per una nuova grammatica sociale” di sabato 18 aprile con Cristina Bicchieri, University of Pennsylvania e Luigino Bruni, Università LUMSA la serie intende trattare tutti i temi della responsabilità civile, dal lavoro alle istituzioni, dalla Read more [...]

Humanistic Management Workshop


The Institute for Ethics in Communication and Organizations (IECO) at University of Valencia (UV) and the Real Colegio Complutense (RCC) at Harvard University, in collaboration with the Humanistic Management Centers Consortium and the Abigail Adams Institute (AAI), organize this First Humanistic Management Workshop.

We conceive this event as the seed for a future IHMA Learning Lab (LELA). This would be the first step for establishing a community of learning, based on humanistic Read more [...]

Necessary Conversations

This Necessary Conversation is sponsored by the Donahue Center for Business Ethics & Social Responsibility in the Manning School of Business at UMass-Lowell.

Necessary Conversations,” a web-enabled forum (we use the Zoom platform) with a global audience. Our goal for this event is to feature progressive and trans-formative approaches and new paradigms for protecting dignity and promoting well-being —human through planetary — in our organizing practices.

This is a video conference series Read more [...]

Humanistic Management Professionals

This is a monthly video conference hosted for working professionals interested in applied humanistic management. The topics are designed to be practical for people looking to learn and apply humanistic management skills in the workplace.  The overarching question we are trying to answer is – how do we actually do humanistic management in real life?