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Books on Humanistic Management Pedagogy

Books on Humanistic Management Pedagogy

Authors of the new books on Humanistic Management Pedagogy One of the program sessions at the 77th Academy of Management annual conference was a caucus on Teaching Humanistic Management: Humans, not just resources. Several Business School professors already teach from a Humanistic perspective using principles, cases and exercises that prepare students for careers of the future. Many of them are willing to share their class experiences and examples so that others interested in adopting humanistic Read more [...]
What is Humanistic Management ?

What is Humanistic Management ?

Managing as if people matter Humanistic management is a distinct perspective on management in which people matter. Ever heard of human resources, human capital, humans as most important assets? All these terms denote people as a means to the end of some organizational purpose, say productivity or shareholder value. None of these terms indicate the intrinsic value of human beings as humans first and foremost. That inherent value, humanistic management practitioners label dignity. Now, of course Read more [...]

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