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The Link Between Mindfulness, Positive Leadership, and Success

There are certain qualities that make someone a great leader. They need to be able to communicate, delegate, express empathy, influence, show resilience, be accountable, and share their vision — all of which can me strengthened through the art of mindfulness.

Confident Leadership during Crisis

Nov 15th 2019 Humanistic Professionals Lunch and Learn featuring – Dr. V Brooks Dunbar (Dr V) is the CEO & Founder of The Center For Confidence, LLC. Leaders are expected to display confidence and certainty. That is, they believe in themselves and trust their decisions as well as the people responsible for implementing them. But what happens when stakeholders confidence in their leaders is in crisis?

New Book: Quantum Leadership: New Consciousness in Business

In this new book, Frederick Chavalit Tsao and Chris Laszlo argue that current approaches to leadership fail to produce positive outcomes for either business or society. Employee disengagement and customer fickleness remain high, resulting in a lack of creativity and collaboration at all levels of entrepreneurial activity, while investor demands for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) are still poorly integrated into the executive mindset. Only through greater awareness of our connectedness―to purpose, community, and nature―can we develop profit strategies for human flourishing.