10 Years After the Crash, Time to Stop Expecting Reform from Mainstream Economists?

Submitted by Henry Leveson-Gower:

Teaching in most management schools is dominated by mainstream economic thinking of maximising shareholder value and growth. If management schools are more generally going to move to a more humanistic approach to management, the dominance of mainstream economic thinking needs to be reduced. This is also clearly crucial to change how we organise our economy so that it is sustainable, fair and resilient. We have a strategy to do this and we hope to collaborate with members of IHMA to make it happen.– Henry Leveson-Gower

Here is a brief excerpt from the article (full link to article below):

The point of this is not to determine what economics is ‘right’ or which courses are ‘best’. It is to build a shared sense between those inside and outside of academia of what economic teaching looks like that fosters creativity and critical thinking to address real world issues.

Full link to article: https://economicpluralism.org/10-years-after-the-crash-time-to-stop-expecting-reform-from-mainstream-economists/