Adrian Mabalay

Dr. Adrian A. Mabalay is a dedicated scholar undertaking his second doctorate in the Doctor of
Business Administration program at De La Salle University, reflecting his commitment to
academic excellence across diverse fields. With a PhD in Environmental Management and
Studies from Miriam College (formerly Maryknoll), Adrian has a profound understanding of
environmental and sustainability issues and is well-equipped to tackle complex challenges
related to resource management and sustainable practices.
Currently an Assistant Professor at the Management and Organization Department of De La Salle
University’s Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business, he teaches management, organization,
corporate social responsibility, and governance. With his diverse academic background and
research interests, Adrian explores the intersection of business, public policy, and sustainability,
focusing his research on sustainable tourism management and innovative solutions balancing
economic growth, conservation, and social equity. He has published opinion columns on these
topics in The Manila Times’ Managing for Society.
Adrian also served as an Assistant Professor at Maryknoll’s Environment Department, teaching
environmental and natural resource economics, economic development planning and policy, and
public administration and administrative planning courses. He has also served in various
capacities in the civil service, particularly in the Philippine local government and Congress. His
passion for sustainability and expertise in public financial management position him to advance
research and policy dialogues on responsible governance and humanistic management.
An insightful scholar dedicated to having a positive impact on society, Adrian continues to be
inspired in his teaching and research by the potential for business and policy to catalyze
meaningful change. His diverse perspective and commitment to excellence make him a valued
member of the academic community. He is a member of the Philippine Economics Society,
Green Convergence Philippines, and the Institute for Global Business Research.