Author: Rena Bai

Workplace wellness is as important as deriving business profits

Submitted by Jennifer Hancock It isn't enough to focus on profits to a select few shareholders. Good businesses make sure everyone their business touches is enriched. And that includes employees. Encouraging wellness at work - with good wages, and a good work environment and support for employees - should be the norm. Read More in this Entrepreneur article Read more [...]

Diversity is the Key to Effective Problem Solving

Submitted by Jennifer Hancock Summary: To me, humanistic management is about recognizing each individual - as an individual.  The good news is that doing this, is good for business and for society in general. I was speaking with a friend the other day about science and humanism. Humanism encourages us to use science to better solve our problems and the science keeps validating taking a Humanist approach. Diversity is a case in point. Problem solving is difficult. To do it well, we need diverse Read more [...]

Memes, messages, and change

Submitted by Ben Teehankee of De La Salle University Many people believe that business has to do its part to help solve the world’s crises around sustainability, inequality, and materialism, to name just a few. Yet what can businesses actually do when they are faced with demand for ever-increasing profits and growth? Those demands come directly from the story that shapes what businesses do and how they do it. That story, sometimes called neoliberalism or neoclassical economics, has Read more [...]

Humanistic management sucks less and is better for your health

Submitted by Ben Teehankee of De La Salle University The View From Taft By Michael Pirson   How are you doing? How well did you sleep last night? Being asked about your well-being and the quality of your sleep may reveal important insights for good organizing practices. If these questions are asked with authentic curiosity, the resulting insights could transform businesses. That is at least what more and more CEOs are finding out. Not so long ago, Arianna Huffington, Read more [...]

Upcoming Events Virtue Ethics in Business Research Group

Events Calendar 2018   JUNE 8 VEIB WORKSHOP School of Economics and Business, University of Navarra Teaching Business Ethics Workshop Program Registration   JULY 3 VEIB @ISME 2018 Panel on MacIntyrean Business Ethics Durham University July 3, 2018   AUGUST 11 VEIB@Society for Business Ethics Society for Business Ethics Annual Conference 2018 “Practical Wisdom in Business and Management” Paper session Saturday, Read more [...]

Donna Hicks – Dignity: Its Essential Role in Resolving Conflict

  Dr. Donna Hicks is a dynamic and thought-provoking speaker who brings her unmatched insights on dignity and conflict resolution to each of her award-winning presentations. Her powerful ideas on human interaction enable organizations to build a culture of dignity, heal highly-charged emotional wounds, and thrive in today’s global marketplace. Donna has 20 years of experience as a facilitator during international conflicts in the Middle East, Sri Lanka, Colombia, Cuba and Northern Read more [...]

IHMA meeting in NYC

Kicking off the 2018 Humanistic Accelerator in NYC! Spain, Philippines, Mexico & US represented here. International Humanistic Management Association, Inc. 2018 Humanistic Management (HM) Accelerator snapshot — Day 1 global gathering at Fordham’s Gabelli School of Business NYC. Today’s focus: accelerating HM research & teaching. 2018 Humanistic Management Accelerator — energizing Day #1! Scaling research, teaching, business practice & policy influence for meaningful Read more [...]

Management: Financial, Social, and Ecological Well-Being (new textbook)

  Sapajo Publishing World’s Premier Publisher of Truly Sustainable Management Thought Proudly announces the publication of a new book: MANAGEMENT: Financial, Social, and Ecological Well-Being Authors: Bruno Dyck, Arran Caza, and Frederick A. Starke Key Features of the New Book Relevance: Each chapter describes and compares three approaches to management: ​ Financial Bottom Line (FBL) management management that maximizes financial Read more [...]

Poetry in Organizational Aesthetics

Please consider submitting your work to this special Poetry issue of Organizational Aesthetics Journal (a peer-reviewed open-source journal published by The Art of Management and Organization). The link has the detailed call for submissions and we will accept and review submissions on a rolling basis. We are looking for poems, translations of poems, and short essays on poetry related to organizational life. Please share this call amongst your Read more [...]

Are you a dignity-enhancing manager?

The View From Taft By Benito L. Teehankee   I was recently in New York to meet colleagues in the International Humanistic Management Association (IHMA). Over the three-day meeting hosted by Michael Pirson at Fordham University, we planned how to accelerate progress towards our vision in IHMA: “We envision a society and an economy that works for all. Such a society promotes organizing practices that honors the inherent value of all life and protects human dignity. Management Read more [...]