Confident Leadership during Crisis

Nov 15th 2019 Humanistic Professionals Lunch and Learn featuring – Dr. V Brooks Dunbar (Dr V) is the CEO & Founder of The Center For Confidence, LLC. Leaders are expected to display confidence and certainty. That is, they believe in themselves and trust their decisions as well as the people responsible for implementing them. But what happens when stakeholders confidence in their leaders is in crisis?

This was a really interesting conversation about leading during crisis and how to be confident as a leader and how to help staff and teams become confident themselves.

Dr. V. Dunbar, our guest – provided us with the links to the research and other material she references during the conversation.

The link to the High Reliability background paper:

Core HRO Leadership Concepts: Tools_HRO_Principles

Incorporating confidence development in education: (Click on the second bullet under 1. Research on Confidence also located here: Creating Confidence: A handbook for professionals working with young people

The Center For Confidence Services for Crisis Teams and HRO Leaders:
For youth: Academic Life & Leadership Academy Brochure is a downloadable brochure on the left of the services page.