Creating a culture of diversity, inclusion, and belonging with Dan Tyre from Hubspot

This is a Humanistic Management Professionals Lunch and Learn featuring Dan Tyre from Hubspot discussing how Hubspot makes belonging a central part of workplace culture.

This was a great discussion.  Dan provided several tangible things that Hubspot does to help create a culture of belonging.


  1. They a Chief People Officer – whose job it is – to help a) recruit in people and b) to help them become a valued member of the team.
  2. The train all managers in how to be a mentor. They also make sure they give everyone empathy training. And if someone uses poor judgement, they get mentored into how to be a good manager and a good ally to people who are often marginalized.
  3. The have a point person when there is a problem. All employees can bypass their manager and speak to a director whose entire job it is – to help managers be better managers. So if someone has not treated another person with dignity – they are mentored and supported and encourages to be better. Mediation can occur to help fix misunderstandings and if the manager just isn’t helping their team flourish – the manager is let go.
  4. Management is paid – based on how well their team is flourishing and happy. All employees – do a survey 4 times a year to basically rate their managers and that feedback is used to help managers do better at helping their employees.
  5. Management feedback to help improve – everyone is done regularly. It’s not a once a year thing. Every two weeks – employees have a one on one with their manager.
  6. Support Communities and resource groups. Different employees are going to have different challenges in the workplace. Work from home, have different challenges than parents who are returning to the workplace, which are different from the challenges that people of color might have, so Hubspot has resource communities for these identified need areas and it is through these resource groups that employees are partnered with mentors. The learning is both ways, where the employee is to teach the mentor – what they need to thrive and the mentor is to help them – get what they need.

Additionally – Dan provided a variety of links to the resources he mentioned in the discussion. They give away all their materials and training for free.


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