Creating an Experience of Mattering – Humanistic Management Lunch and Learn

Live Zoom conversation with Chris Marcell Murchison, a workplace culture advisor, on 3 practices to improve workplace culture
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What: Zoom Conversation with Chris Marcell Murchison

When: Sept 24th, 2021 – Noon Eastern

How: Zoom Conference call – details upon registration.

Cost: Free.

Topic: Creating an Experience of Mattering

The current challenges we face globally – the coronavirus pandemic, racial unrest, extreme weather events, and more – have illuminated the need for greater humanity in the workplace. With the shifts to remote work and working from home, and rampant uncertainty and ambiguity, normal routines for connection and collaboration have been disrupted. This demands new practices to combat isolation, increase connection and effective collaboration.

With this leadership call to action, I come back to three practices that are not new but highly relevant and necessary in the emerging world of work – connection, listening, and inquiry. Put together, these three pillars work together to ensure an employee experience of mattering, belonging and thriving at a time where it really matters

Our Guest: Chris Marcell Murchison

Senior Consultant, Talent Development and Organization Culture

Chris Murchison is an independent consultant, coach, and advisor providing partnership to organization leaders looking to review and enhance their internal practices that impact the employee experience. Before launching his own consultancy in 2016, Chris was Vice President, Staff Development and Culture, at HopeLab, a nonprofit in Silicon Valley whose mission is the research and development of new social technologies to promote human resilience and improve both psychological and biological health and well-being. Chris was appointed in 2014 as a Visiting Business Leader at the University of Michigan Ross Business School’s Center for Positive Organizations, which researches the conditions, values, and virtues that create the conditions for employees to flourish. He also currently serves on the Board of the Joe Goode Performance Group and on the Advisory Board for the International Positive Psychology Association’s Work and Organizations Division.


Jennifer Hancock is the author of several award winning books and the founder of Humanist Learning Systems. Jennifer is considered one of the top speakers and writers in the world of Humanism today. Her professional background is varied including stints in both the for profit and non-profit sectors. She has served as Director of Volunteer Services for the Los Angeles SPCA, sold international franchise licenses for a biotech firm, was the Manager of Acquisition Group Information for a ½ billion dollar company and served as the executive director for the Humanists of Florida before founding her own company. She is a board member for the USA Chapter of the International Humanistic Management Association. (

Elizabeth Castillo is an associate professor at CISA – Leadership and Interdisciplinary Studies at Arizona State University and affiliated faculty at the Center for Behavior, Institutions and the Environment. Castillo’s scholarship is focused on how we can create a sustainable economy that works for everyone. Dr. Castillo addresses this problem by investigating capitalization of organizations, particularly the role that intangible assets (e.g., social, cultural, and political capital) play in producing social, financial, and environmental returns (the triple bottom line). Her interdisciplinary research is inspired by two decades of management experience in the nonprofit sector, including the San Diego Natural History Museum and Balboa Park Cultural Partnership. She is a board member for the USA Chapter of the International Humanistic Management Association. You can find her at:

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