Creating Humanistic Workplace Cultures

Jerry Wagner, Humanistic Professionals Lunch and Learn

Humanistic Professionals hosted Dr. Jerry Wagner of the Association of Culture Ambassadors to speak about culture ambassadors and changing corporate culture. The conversation was wide ranging and Jerry mentioned several resources for further study.

Jerry Wagner, Humanistic Professionals Lunch and Learn

The Wisdom Retreat

Jerry is hosting a Wisdom Retreat in Santa Fe, New Mexico. August 7-8, 2018.  Information and Registration is at:

Video of the Lunch and Learn

If you missed the conversation on how to create humanistic workplace cultures, you can view a video of the talk here.

Books on Creating Humanistic Workplace Cultures

During the conversation, Jerry mentioned a couple of books and resources.  These include 2 books and a newsletter website.  The books are: Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements and The 31 Practices: Release the power of your organization VALUES every day


You can view these and other books on humanistic management at our store:

Newsletters as a tool to promote positive cultural change within an organization

He also gave an example of using an employee newsletter to help create positive workplace cultures. For a few years, Jerry put out a newsletter to discuss corporations doing a good job with culture – here is the sample example:   There are several newsletter, you can choose a variety to view.