HMA PhD Network Discussion Group – June 2021

IHMA PhD Network Discussion Group: June 14, 2021

Reading about Mindfulness in Organizations with a Humanistic Management Lens

Hosted by the International Humanistic Management Association’s PhD/ECR Reading Group

The International Humanistic Management Association (IHMA) and its associated PhD network invite students and early career researchers to a reading group which aims to foster rigorous research based on a humanistic paradigm that considers dignity and wellbeing essential to all aspects of social life (Pirson & Lawrence, 2010; Pirson, 2019).

In past years, our reading group examined foundational papers on humanistic management, and surveyed the state of humanistic management research in various sub-disciplines of organizational scholarship. This year, we are developing a humanistic approach, or lens, for reading award-winning articles from across the field of management. We seek to understand how humanistic management offers new ways of seeing established research findings and ask how examples of outstanding scholarship might inform, unpack, or question facets of the emerging humanistic management paradigm.

For our meeting on Monday, June 14 at noon Eastern, we will discuss the theme of organizational culture from a humanistic management perspective and explore the impact of organizational culture that center around high quality connections and companionate love. We’ll inquire if and how such cultures can be sustained when we operate remotely. Our discussion will be built on the following papers:

Barsade, S. G., & O’Neill, O. A. 2014. What’s Love Got to Do with It? A Longitudinal Study of the Culture of Companionate Love and Employee and Client Outcomes in a Long-term Care Setting. Administrative Science Quarterly, 59(4): 551–598.

Elsbach, K. D., & Stigliani, I. 2018. Design Thinking and Organizational Culture: A Review and Framework for Future Research. Journal of Management, 44(6): 2274–2306.

Spicer, A. 2020. Organizational Culture and COVID-19. Journal of Management Studies, 57(8): 1737–1740.

At the session, the reading group hosts will summarize the articles and present a few building blocks of a humanistic management lens for reading. Then the group will discuss the readings in turn and how they respond and relate to the lens. Participants are encouraged to read through the articles beforehand.

Participants who wish to learn more about organizational culture and its intersection with humanistic management may wish to consult these optional readings:

Matos, K., O’Neill, O. (Mandy), & Lei, X. 2018. Toxic Leadership and the Masculinity Contest Culture: How “Win or Die” Cultures Breed Abusive Leadership. Journal of Social Issues, 74(3): 500–528.

O’Reilly, C. A., Caldwell, D. F., Chatman, J. A., & Doerr, B. 2014. The Promise and Problems of Organizational Culture: CEO Personality, Culture, and Firm Performance. Group & Organization Management, 39(6): 595–625

The session will be led by:

Reut Livne-Tarandach, PhD

Assistant Professor of Management

Management and Marketing Department

O’Malley School of Business

Manhattan College

This event is sponsored by the Albert P. Viragh Institute for Ethics in Business at Duquesne University.

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