Humanistic Management Professionals Lunch and Learn – Employee Motivation with Prof. Manuel Guillén

Workshop: How Leaders Engender Spaces for ‘Work Meaningfulness” in Organizations.

Towards a More Humanistic Understanding of Human Motivations with Prof. Manuel Guillén.

Please join the International Humanistic Management Association for a live online lunch and learn with Prof Manuel Guillén, Founder and Director of the Institute for Ethics in Communication and in Organizations (IECO)

Topic: Employee Motivation
When: Friday Nov 30th – 12:00 pm – 1:00pm (EDT)

Where: Web conferencing, details will be sent before the event after your RSVP is received

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About our Guest

Manuel Guillén is Associate Professor of Management and Business Ethics at the University of Valencia (Spain). He is the Founder and Director of the Institute for Ethics in Communication and in Organizations (IECO), and holds the Chair of Business Ethics IECO-UV. Manuel is a regular visiting scholar at the IGLP, at Harvard Law School, and is the University of Valencia Representative at RCC-Harvard University.

Manuel holds a PhD in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Valencia (1998) and a degree in Business Administration from the same university. He did his PhD on the field of Business Ethics and Strategic Management at the UV, and was a visiting student at IESE Business School Doctoral Program. He has been Visiting Scholar at St. Thomas University (Minnesota), Notre Dame University (Indiana) and at the Hoffman Center for Business Ethics at Bentley University (Massachusetts), where he is regular Visiting Professor in Boston.

 With another two colleagues he published the article “The Neglected Ethical and Spiritual Motivations in the Workplace” at the Journal of Business Ethics, and more recently he has published a chapter on the same topic in the book “Flourishing in Organizations” by Springer, 2018. Right now he is working on a new book on “Human Motivations and Meaningful Work”.

As Prof. Guillén will explain, the most popular taxonomies describing human motives of conduct and needs have either neglected or minimized the importance of the moral and spiritual dimensions of motivation, resulting in models of a person as self-interested, amoral and non-spiritual. For this reason, he proposes a new categorization of motivations, one that brings out the full dimensions of being human, and capable of contributing to personal flourishing.

In this short video, Prof. Guillén presents a brief description of his early ideas filmed at Harvard RCC in 2014:

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