Ivonne Tapia Villagómez

Biography Ivonne Tapia Villagómez.

She is a member of the Humanistic Management Network, the Latin American Network of Frugal Innovation and a member of the research group of the Orkestra project of the Basque Institute of Competitiveness of the University of Deusto for Latin America, through its foundation.

Doctor in Education and Organizational Development from the University of Celaya; Master in Management from the Universidad Anáhuac and Bachelor of Administration from the Technological Institute of Morelia.

Currently a full-time professor attached to the Business Department of the Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla. His line of research is Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility, working on issues of human talent management, social entrepreneurship, decent work and organizational development. He has participated in various national and international congresses and symposia; He has published in various research journals and contributed book chapters. He writes for various local newspapers in Puebla.

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