Luis Fernando Ramirez

Professor Assistant at Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana – Colombia

Luis is a Colombian economist, magister in Social Enterprises Management and is developing his PhD studies in Economics and Management at Sophia University in Italy. His PhD research is related to Organization Resiliency, looking for the influence of social quality relations inside the organization as a key driver to fostering it.

Since 2016 he works for the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana in Colombia as a professor of Humanities, especially in the field of Business ethics and Social Innovation, he also does research in topics related to “Humanistic Management”, “Business ethics”, “Civil economics” and “Social innovation”. He is a member of a research group called Theology, Religion and Cultures (TRyC). This group in the last year has been awarded as a top research group by Minciencias, the official entity for the rule of research in Colombia.

For many years he has been involved as practitioner and as a volunteer in social initiatives to promote fraternity as a political category of action and thinking, he is convinced of the power of fraternal love as an effective way to build social relations towards social change. He has participated in the initiative Marinilla Ciudad Fraterna and is member of the RUEF (Network of Universities for the Study of Fraternity).