Manifesto for the Future

Published by the International Humanistic Management Association (IHMA)

The Covid19 pandemic has exposed how the current systems have failed. In every society there are systemic inequalities that privilege wealth over wellbeing. Fundamental change is needed. IHMA seeks to protect human dignity to create flourishing communities that nurture societal well being. We stand for individual freedom, relating authentically with love and co-creating with compassion.  

Our Vision

Society should be organized to honor the inherent value of all life and create a better future. The economy should be organized to work for all and not just a select few. Organizing practices should protect human dignity and promote flourishing. 

Our Goal

Our goal is to create and amplify economic, social and psychological flourishing to protect all life on earth.

Principles that Guide Us

  • Value the Whole Human: Beyond the limited roles at work.
  • Everyone has Dignity: Recognize that dignity is inherent, not something to be earned.
  • Pluralism: Diverse viewpoints lead to better decision making. 
  • Emergent: Continuously engage with what is to build what we imagine possible. 
  • Collaborative: Interdisciplinary partnerships, inclusive of all with an open attitude. 
  • Impact Oriented: Being pragmatic, solve relevant problems and deliver real results. 

What is Required for Mutual Flourishing 

We commit collectively to collaborate and engage to create this future. We invite collaboration, working in tandem with others to achieve these goals.