IHMA Strategic Plan – Working document

The United States Chapter developed a working strategy for the growth of our chapter. This document has not been formally ratified, but it represents what we have been working towards creating. We are sharing this here to allow members and prospective members to better understand what we hope to accomplish through the association. Your comments and feedback on this document is appreciated.

Humanistic Management Network United States Chapter (HMNUS) – Strategic Plan


To act as the hub for researchers, practitioners and policymakers interested in the promotion and practice of Humanistic Management and Leadership consistent with the mission and values of the Humanistic Management Network globally.

HMNUS is a membership organization funded by dues, donations, and grants.

5-Year Goals

By 2023 HMNUS will have two full time staff members helping to coordinate network activities and provide fundraising and membership support.  The US chapter will support 3 constituent groups or SIGS (researchers, practitioners and policy makers) and help them cross pollinate and support each other’s efforts so that researchers’ activities are informed by the needs of practitioners and policy makers. Practitioners are informed by researchers and policy makers. And policy makers are informed by the researchers and practitioners.

The goal of HMNUS is to Promote, Collaborate & Educate people on how to protect human dignity and promote human well being  through Humanistic Business Management.

  • Promote the adoption of humanistic management practices and values as well as public policy that is consistent with humanistic management and
  • Encourage collaboration between researchers, practitioners, and policymakers interested in Humanistic Management.
  • Educate the public on validated best practices in Humanistic Management

Specific activities of the US Chapter  include:

  • Publication of a member’s newsletter and journal to help members keep abreast of the latest research, practices, and policies.
  • Facilitate communication between researchers, practitioners and policy makers to further advance the research of humanistic management.
  • Annual standalone conference to bring together constituent groups to discuss what worked and  how to convert research into practice and policy and to identify further areas of research.
  • Bring findings from the fields of practitioners and policy makers  to educators so they might develop more great theories that can be put into practice.
  • Virtual hub where members can meet and coordinate activities and share information.
  • Grants to researchers who are conducting research with the assistance of practitioners.

10-Year Goals

By 2027 HMNUS will have 10 full time staff members and its own facility to host conferences, meetings and training programs for members as well as hosting a think tank to promote legislation at the local, state and national levels that will promote humanistic management policy adoption



HMNUS hosts three separate Special Interest Groups (SIGs) each holding its integrity and looking to the other two area as a resource. HMNUS as an eco system.

HMNUS Researcher SIG Goals and Objectives

The goal of the Researcher SIG is to help academics and researchers interested in the topic of humanistic management to collaborate and learn from each other and to build and support each other’s work.


Promote, collaborate, educate through conferences, publications, meetings and more.

HMNUS Practice SIG Goals and Objectives

To bring together business managers and leaders interested in running their businesses in a humanistic way  to promote the values and ideals of humanistic management, learn validated research based practices, to collaborate and support each other, and to work with researchers and policy makers to further advance the practice of humanistic management.

Promote, collaborate and educate through conferences, publications, meetings and more.

HMNUS Policy SIG Goals and Objectives

To bring together politicians, government employees and managers interested in supporting and promoting the values and ideals of humanistic business management through public policy. Policy SIG will collaborate with researchers and practitioners to develop policy that will advance HMN objectives.

Promote, collaborate and educate, through conferences, publications, policy proposals, meetings and more.


Strategic First Steps:

  1. Create a virtual network hub to facilitate communication among and between sig members.
  2. Recruit individuals to the Practitioner and Policy Maker SIGs to get core groups up and running.
  3. Create an organization board consisting of 2 representatives from each SIG to work on the creation of a registered non-profit organization so that we can collect memberships and donations
  4. Create a membership framework so interested individuals can support the chapter through membership dues and donations
  5. Create a newsletter for members and donors to help facilitate communication and encourage a sense of ownership in the chapter.
  6. Host annual meeting conference incorporating all 3 SIGs independent of academic venues.