Rethinking decent work: the value of dignity in employment

On Aug 28th 2020 – Anke Winchenbach was our guest on the Humanistic Management Professionals Lunch and Learn. She discussed her research on dignity at work, particularly focusing on her recent publication ‘Rethinking decent work: the value of dignity in tourism employment’ in the Journal of Sustainable Tourism.


Wages in tourism are unsustainable – meaning – people can’t sustain themselves on the wages – so there is high turnover – it’s not considered a career.

Ways to create dignity in service industry

  •                 Work that matters
  •                 Good Wages (capable of sustaining a living)
  •                 Camaraderie (like the people you work with – sense of belonging)
  •                 Self worth and self respect

Resources: ILO Guidelines for decenter work –

Randy Hodson book – Dignity at Work –

Sharon Bolton -book – Dimensions of Dignity at Work –

3 things you can do to create dignity at work:

  • Fair Wages (must be sustainable)
  • Open Dialogue with Employees – encourage respect – value your people – as people.
  • Encourage feedback – check and measure – dignity and – mental health metrics