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Humanistic Management Journal – Call for Papers for the Special Issue on “Human flourishing, digital transformation, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution”

Humanistic Management Journal – Call for Papers for the Special Issue on “Human flourishing, digital transformation, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution”

Managers have responsibilities for achieving organizational goals.  In pursuit of such responsibilities, managers make certain decisions, deploy tools, issue policies, and engage in discussions and other actions.  In the current milieu, managers increasingly have to consider the broader use of information and communications technologies -- broadly referred to as digital technologies -- in order to fulfill their responsibilities.  The embrace of digital technologies in organizations Read more [...]
US Chapter of IHMA  Supports Raising the Minimum Wage in the USA

US Chapter of IHMA Supports Raising the Minimum Wage in the USA

This statement was approved by the USA Chapter board in April 2022. Who We Are: The International Humanistic Management Association is an association of academics, researchers, practitioners and policymakers interested in the promotion and practice of Humanistic Management (HM) and Leadership. We envision a society and an economy that works for all. IHMA is the UN PRME Working Group on Humanistic Management and a member of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN).The United Read more [...]
Wisdom & Flourishing Track

Wisdom & Flourishing Track

This research track is concerned with scholarship that aims to explain and foster wisdom and flourishing at work and in society. Thus, this track welcomes research that is guided by the question: “How can we use business and business education to create a more wise and flourishing world?” Wisdom can be defined as a form of knowing in which people (both individuals and collectives) understand, in any context, which actions or inactions will create the most good in the long run. Flourishing can Read more [...]
Research Laboratories

Research Laboratories

The International Humanistic Management Association is proud to introduce its collaborative research laboratories.  Research into enabling organizations to promote dignity and preserve well-being are a cornerstone of IHMA's scholarly eco-system.  The Research Labs serve to connect to larger scientific networks and expand resources to engage in innovative joint research and the dissemination and transfer of results to academic and business professional communities. The scope of research Read more [...]
PhD Student Network Program Series

PhD Student Network Program Series

Welcome to IHMA's Humanistic Management PhD Network. We support PhD students with mentoring, networking, and research opportunities. We also offer possibilities to connect researchers for publication work, and data gathering sites in companies and organizations linked to IHMA. This international program is designed to connect doctoral students around the world who do work related to humanistic management and all its components. IHMA PhD Network Program Series (Sponsored by the Albert P. Read more [...]

Manifesto for the Future

Society should be organized to honor the inherent value of all life and create a better future. The economy should be organized to work for all and not just a select few. Organizing practices should protect human dignity and promote flourishing. 

IHMA Manifesto – System Elements are Connected

Covid-19 has revealed the fragility of our global system, showing that institutions across the world are vastly unprepared to handle this crisis. Countless social, economic, and political failures now illuminate underlying dysfunctions like greed, inequality, and discrimination. These inhumane dysfunctions not only exacerbate the crisis, but reflect the precise inverse of what is needed if humanity is to emerge from this crisis with thriving colors. Humanistic Management offers a proven model Read more [...]

IHMA Manifesto Planetary health is fundamental

Planetary health is fundamental for protecting the wellbeing of all. Planetary health from an IHMA perspective puts dignity and wellbeing in relation to our natural systems we are embedded in and considers sustainable and meaningful livelihoods in which people can thrive. This includes global perspectives but also relates to local communities and neighbourhoods. 

IHMA Manifesto – Profit is put in service to the common good

Businesses must balance profits WITH human welfare. One doesn’t come at the expense of the other, rather, they are intimately connected with each other as well as to global environmental health. Instead of judging “good” solely based on profits, “good” should be judged by how businesses impact society.

Teaching Teachers to Teach Values

This project includes video lessons from experienced educators on how they go about teaching values in the classroom and links to resources that are used by educators to help promote and teach ethics and values.