Call for Papers

What is the relevance of Love in processes of meaningful organising and how can it be brought about, furthered, and maintained against the background of integrative justice. 

We invite scholars and other interested writers to create a team and submit a proposal for writing an article for the special issue. This contribution can be empirical, conceptual, quantitative, qualitative, etc. Your team decides – both on the topic as well as on the approach. When we say ‘against the background of integrative justice’ we mean that the contributions refer to the IJM and integrates one or more of the elements of the model. These elements are:

–       Value co-creation

–       Authentic engagement with non-exploitive intent

–       Representation of stakeholder interests

–       Long-term value management

–       Amplifying the voice of the (marginalised) stakeholder

–       Investment in future development

It is, in particular, the focus on authentic engagement, long-term value management, and the voice of the marginalised stakeholder that IJM stands out from more regular and traditional stakeholder management. It is here that we find a direct link with the concept of love. 

The deadline for submission of a proposal is on 16 March 2023.

Email proposal to Harry Hummels, Professor of Ethics, Organisations and Society, at Maastricht University at

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