Books on Humanistic Management Pedagogy

Authors of the new books on Humanistic Management Pedagogy

One of the program sessions at the 77th Academy of Management annual conference was a caucus on Teaching Humanistic Management: Humans, not just resources. Several Business School professors already teach from a Humanistic perspective using principles, cases and exercises that prepare students for careers of the future. Many of them are willing to share their class experiences and examples so that others interested in adopting humanistic values can also teach them easily. They met to share these with each other, and have authored chapters in two book that will be released in November 2017.

These two books cover topics of Leadership, Trust, Social Entrepreneurship and Mindfulness, which are often taught in existing courses in Business School programs. On each topic, there is a foundational reading, a case-study and a class room exercise, that enables the topic to be understood from a Humanistic perspective. These affordable books can be assigned as readings within the courses. They can also be used to teach executive development programs in focused workshops on one or all topics. The examples span the globe, with cases from India, Indonesia, USA, etc. The participants who met for the caucus also represented far corners of the world. Human values are universal and go beyond borders.

Author: Jyoti Bachani

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