A Quiet Revolution in Education

Submitted by Jennifer Hancock:

Are we seeing evidence of a quiet revolution in today’s education system? Lynn Parramore shares her thoughts in her article titled “Millionaire-Driven Education Reform Has Failed. Here’s What Works.”

Read the full article here: https://www.ineteconomics.org/perspectives/blog/millionaire-driven-education-reform-has-failed-heres-what-works 

From the article: “While dilettante corporate reformers were making headlines with their quick-and-dirty education schemes, some far-sighted educators, active citizens, and imaginative thinkers across the nation have been swimming against the tide of the top-down, millionaire-driven reform movement with approaches to learning that are not only much more democratic, but remarkably effective and better attuned to the needs of 21st century students.”

As Jennifer Hancock points out in sharing this article, the philosophy driving this revolution is reflective of some of IHMA’s values. She states: “what works is creating a culture of trust, driving fear out of the system and running the schools in a democratic way–meaning, teachers and students drive have a say in how things are run and what is learned.”

Food for thought as we look to the future of academic institutions and workplaces alike!