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Richard Branson on the Importance of Dignity

Hear Sir Richard Branson's thoughts on why we need dignity more than ever. Branson is an Honorary Board Member of the Global Dignity Project, an organization committed to spreading the dignity values to young people and people of all ages, all over the world. We at the International Humanistic Management Association recently became one of Global Dignity's newest Partner Organizations. Find out more about their work and get involved at Read more [...]
Is Love All We Need? Call for Abstracts: Love and the Organization

Is Love All We Need? Call for Abstracts: Love and the Organization

Submitted by Michael Pirson: Call for Submissions: June 15, 2019 "Is love all we need? If so, how can we organize for it?  This call for paper is calling for submissions to explore this side of the inquiry into love and organizing. What’s love got to do with it? Love may have nothing to do with the organization, especially in the administrative and market-based context. The call is also exploring this side of the inquiry. To explore this tension expressed in popular songs we are inviting Read more [...]

First Humanistic Management Workshop IECO-RCC at Harvard

"The Institute for Ethics in Communication and Organizations (IECO) at University of Valencia (UV) and the Real Colegio Complutense (RCC) at Harvard University, in collaboration with the Humanistic Management Centers Consortium and the Abigail Adams Institute (AAI), organize this First Humanistic Management Workshop. This First edition will focus on the promotion of: (1) human dignity in and around organizations, (2) integral human flourishing and (3) a conception of human work that contributes Read more [...]

Resource PhD to Consulting

A free resource created by Scott Rank – a historian by training, on how to turn academic knowledge into a business. It assumed that somebody had absolutely no business knowledge and helped them find a business niche, create a website and social media, and start getting customers. Read more [...]

Workshop: How Leaders Engender Spaces for ‘Work Meaningfulness” in Organizations.

Date: Tuesday, June 19, 2018, 6:00pm to 8:30pm Location: Harvard Kennedy School, Littauer Building RCC is pleased to announce this Leadership Skills Workshop at the Harvard Kennedy School, organized by the HKS Alumni/ae Association. Prof. Manuel Guillén, Founder and Director of the Institute for Ethics in Communication and in Organizations (IECO) will facilitate a reflective and experiential workshop exploring ‘work meaningfulness' and how leaders prompt and engender authentic spaces Read more [...]

Happy Workplace Bangalore

The team at Happy Workplace are happy to announce that the famous brand-thinker, management writer, columnist, speaker of repute, and someone who regularly teaches at ISB Hyderabad and Mohali, Harish Bijoor will be the inaugural keynote speaker at HyWe, HappY Workplace conclavE in Bangalore on 6th July.   Theme: Creating a Happy Workplace – Is there a choice? Not any longer. ​Remember, today we are working with five different generations of people. And, we Read more [...]

Harmony2019 – Call for Papers

Harmony2019 provides scholars from various disciplines (Mythology, Philosophy, Cosmology, Cosmogony, Physics, Astrophysics, Mathematics, Ecology, Literature, Education, Art and Music, Psychology, Counselling, Psychiatry, Sociology, Religions, Scriptures, Theology, Ethics, Law and Management and Spirituality) a platform to explore scientifically the interface of cosmic, ethical and religious orders in the pursuit of universal harmony.

PRME Anti-Poverty Group – Survey

The PRME Anti-poverty Working Group is now launching a Global Survey on Students’ Voice on the SDGs and the Issue of Poverty in Management Education. Deadling June 30th