PRME Anti-Poverty Group – Survey

Following its two previous global surveys on faculty and schools’ administrators (2012 and 2017), the PRME Anti-poverty Working Group is now launching a Global Survey on Students’ Voice on the SDGs and the Issue of Poverty in Management Education.

While the survey will help us learn about our students’ views, perceptions, expectations and aspirations regarding the sustainable development and responsible management education, its main purpose is to enable us to learn from them!

Here is a link to the questionnaire:

The deadline for taking the survey is 30 June 2018. It may be extended due to the different schedule of the academic seasons in different parts of the world. We will announce it shortly, along with the survey questionnaire translated to several other languages.

The preliminary results of the Global Survey will be shared with all of you, and also presented at the upcoming 5th Responsible Management Education Research Conference on 12-13 November in Cologne, Germany.


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