Humanistic Management Ph.D. Network November 2018

Welcome to IHMA’s Humanistic Management PhD network. This year we are looking forward to supporting PhDs with even more mentoring, social support and research opportunities. We also have possibilities to connect researchers for publication work, and data gathering sites in companies and organizations connected to IHMA. Please feel free to join our monthly calls.

In our monthly gatherings the Humanistic Management Ph.D. network is featuring  the work of selected Ph.D. students in the field to :

1) highlight the topic

2) share general insights on the Ph.D. journey; its trials, tribulations and triumphs

3) share and discuss concerns of members of the group via zoom

This session will feature Sophia Town (ASU) on: ” Why Leaders Can Slow Down to Speed Up: An Exploration of Mindfulness-Based “Paradox” Management Logics”,

and Jared Poole (University of Utah) on: “Saints and Sinners – its more than black and white: Racialized religious identities in organizations.”

It will also feature comments by Sandra Waddock, Manuel Guillen, David Wasieleski, Erica Steckler and Michael Pirson for tips for a succesful Ph.D. journey and beyond.

The discussion will focus on publishing Ph.D research, which journals are open to HM work, etc.

All interested welcome!


The HM PhD Network is sponsored by Duquesne University

This monthly gathering is hosted by the International Humanistic Management Association in collaboration with the Academy of Management MSR Interest Group and Social Issues in Management (SIM) Division.