IHMA PhD Network Reading Group – February 2020

IHMA PhD Network Reading Group

Our Reading Group invites junior researchers of all categories to explore important publications and theories related to humanistic management. We equip scholars to conduct research that considers human dignity and wellbeing, principles which all too often disappear from management theories, models, and research designs. Our 2019/2020 series will highlight humanistic research within each of the major sub-fields of management. We welcome any and all suggestions (tyson.rallens@sbs.ox.ac.uk and celestedf@psu.edu).

After a brief hiatus, our PhD Reading Group will meet again this month to discuss the variety and richness of human motivations, and how these should be properly address in social science. One reading from David Sloan Wilson and Edward O. Wilson explores the evolutionary significance of altruism (acting in the interest of the group). Far from being unexplained by evolution, selfless behavior is a core driver of group survival and success. Our second reading from Alan Fiske offers a typology of social relations. Market activity, often assumed to be a, or even the, primary focus of attention in management research, is only one of four essential modes of relating. These modes are in the background of the four drives we have discussed before, most recently in (Pirson and Lawrence, 2010). We look forward to another inspiring conversation with you all.

Readings:Wilson, D. S., & Wilson, E. O. 2007. Evolution: Survival of the selfless. New Scientist, 196(2628): 42–46. (link)

Fiske, A. P. 1992. The four elementary forms of sociality: Framework for a unified theory of social relations. Psychological Review, 99(4): 689–723. (link)

This event is sponsored by the Albert P. Viragh Institute for Ethics in Business at Duquesne University.

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