Rising to the Moment – Panel on Compassion in Business

IHMA 2019/20 Fellow Reut Livne-Tarandach has been invited to participate in a U Michigan Business School panel on Compassion

U Michigan Business School is bringing together leading compassion scholars and practitioners to share insights about leading and working with compassion in current times. I am lined up to serve on this panel along with a number of other compassion scholars and practitioners.

The panel is led virtually on 9/24 between 10-11:30am EST. Here is a little bit more information about the event and links to the free registration: https://positiveorgs.bus.umich.edu/events/rising-to-the-moment/.

About the panel

As the global pandemic drags on and people around the world struggle to find a “new normal,” so many of us find illness, disease, and loss piling on top of natural disasters, financial ruin, and the long-term suffering wrought by systemic racism and injustice. While we feel called to rise to the moment, it’s no wonder that many of us begin to feel hopeless or helpless to do so. This event is designed to renew our capacity to imagine and enact compassion in the face of the widespread suffering we find all around us.

Join us for an exploration of a science-based view of compassion that meets this moment. We bring together a number of experts who study compassion in organizations with practitioners who are leading for compassion now. Each of our panelists will feed our imagination with stories and fuel our capacity for action with small, actionable strategies that you can use right now. Focused on building our capacity for action, this unique panel structure will leave you with a replenished toolkit full of small moves that will help you find ways to rise to the challenges of leading, learning, and teaching with compassion now.

For free registration see: https://positiveorgs.bus.umich.edu/registration-for-positive-links-rising-to-the-moment/