Dr. Reut Livne-Tarandach – Humanistic Management Fellow

Dr. Reut Livne-Tarandach is an Assistant Professor of Management at Manhattan College’s O’Malley School of Business. Her scholarly work focuses on the conditions and processes underlying the phenomenon of renewal. In her research Reut draws from mixed methods and field research to weave together theories of compassion, novelty, and change that explore how and why individuals, teams and/or organizations can simultaneously build on and transcend their past.

Her most recent work is centered on the processes that help mobilize compassion within organizations and activate organizational members to cultivate a sense of community in temporary teams.

Reut’s research has been published in outlets such as the Journal of Academy of Management, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Research in Organizational Change and Development, Institution and Entrepreneurship: Research in the Sociology of Work, Humanistic Management Journal, Integral Theory In Action and Experimental Business Research: Marketing, Accounting and Cognitive Perspectives and Handbook of Innovative Qualitative Research Methods: Innovative Pathways and Methods.

Reut teaches UG and Graduate level courses in Organizational Behavior, Cross-Cultural Management and executive education workshops on “Cultivating Compassion”. As an educator, Reut seeks to cultivate experiential, student-centered educational experiences designed to empower students to discover how to create workplaces as nurturing spheres for humans to thrive in.

The International Humanistic Management Association has been a central learning community with which Reut has been affiliated. Reut has served as PDW co-organizer, a panelist, and round table leader in Humanistic Management Association PDWs. Reut has been an invited participant to the IHMA Social Innovation Thought Leadership conferences, where seeds of recent research collaborations have been planted.

Reut is passionate about cultivating engaged scholarships that can create a new vision of organizations as sites for development and expression of compassion. She is excited to partner with IHMA to expand the impact Humanistic Management can make on research, teaching, and practice.