Happy Workplace Bangalore

The team at Happy Workplace are happy to announce that the famous brand-thinker, management writer, columnist, speaker of repute, and someone who regularly teaches at ISB Hyderabad and Mohali, Harish Bijoor will be the inaugural keynote speaker at HyWe, HappY Workplace conclavE in Bangalore on 6th July.



Theme: Creating a Happy Workplace – Is there a choice?

Not any longer.

​Remember, today we are working with five different generations of people. And, we need all of them.

​The choice, however, depends on the intent – whether we want to drive success through happiness or happiness through success.

​Globally, studies have shown that workforce happiness is one of the most powerful drivers of organisational performance. People, who work with a sense of mental well-being, are more creative, innovative and productive. They cope with work related stress better, so important to sustain peak performance especially during economic downturns.

This is the 2nd conference they are hosting. The first one had around 100 people and was really stimulating because of the diversity of speakers and the fact the topic was so important.

Information and registration at: http://hywe.net.in/