Humanistic Management – A Framework for thinking

The Fellows of the International Humanistic Management Association  (IHMA) met to discuss what Humanistic Management is and a framework for conceptualizing their work and research in Humanistic Management.

Michael Pirson – board member of IHMA discussed the science behind the 4 drives we humans experience and tied that into a framework for thinking about Humanistic Business Management.

Here is the video:

The 4 drives are:

  1. Acquiring = getting food, water and shelter and necessities of life)
  2. Defending = making sure you aren’t harmed
  3. Bonding= trust
  4. Comprehending = higher purpose

He said, the Humanistic framework is to understand that our objective is to balance those drives. And that the current economistic model puts acquiring at the center and that defending, bonding and comprehending are put in service of acquiring.  A Humanistic model – in contrast – has all those drives – in balance.


He also recommended books by

  • Aristotle
  • Darwin
  • Kueng
  • EO Wilson

The above presentation is based on the material in Michael’s book: Humanistic Management: Protecting Dignity and Promoting Well-Being