Report to the Club of Rome: Transformation is Feasible


Submitted by Thomas Schauer:

For your reading pleasure, please find attached the pdf version of the latest Report to the Club of Rome “Transformation is Feasible” by Jorgen Randers, Johan Rockström, and their team. Further distribution is welcome.

Here is a brief excerpt from the report:

This new report to the Club of Rome “Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals within Planetary Boundaries”, by Jörgen Randers, Johan Rockström and Per-Espen Stoknes, is the forty-sixth report of its kind.

Ever since Limits to Growth, the first report to the Club of Rome, the ambition within the Club has been to promote and stimulate a discussion around conventional economic growth and its implications. This report is no exception. It addresses a most important issue – the implementation of Agenda 2030 or the SDGs.

You can access the latest issue by clicking the image above or the text below:
Report to The Club of Rome