May 2022 Humanistic Management PhD Network Seminar

May 2022 Humanistic Management PhD Seminar

Monday, May 2, 2022 from 12pm – 1pm Eastern.

Welcome to IHMA’s Humanistic Management PhD Network Student Webinar Series. We support PhD candidates with mentoring, networking, and research opportunities. We also have possibilities to connect researchers for publication work, and data gathering sites in companies and organizations connected to IHMA.

In our monthly gatherings the Humanistic Management Ph.D. Network is featuring the work of selected Ph.D. students in the field to :

1) highlight their research topic

2) ask specific questions regarding their work for feedback

3) share and discuss concerns of members of the group via Zoom

Please join us for our next monthly session on March 21, 2022 as , David Greenway from University of Massachusetts, Lowell, will present his work entitled, “The Shadow of Our Natures:
The Lived Experience of Moral Injury in the Workplace.”

“Everyone rushes elsewhere and into the future because no one wants to face one’s own inner self.”

–Michel de Montaigne


Contemporary organizational life presents a seemingly never-ending stream of situations that challenge an individual’s sense of right and wrong. Competitive pressures, resources limitations, and performance mandates have contributed to conditions in which individuals are exposed to harmful organizational policies and practices, corruption and wrongdoing, and the experience of betrayal by individual(s) or and institution(s) they once trusted. Individuals may also find that their own behavior has at times fallen short of their own moral expectations. While academics and philosophers have long sought to understand the reasons “why good people do bad things” (i.e., moral transgressions), considerably less attention has been paid to the lasting personal effects of those ‘bad things’–i.e., the human cost of the moral transgressions by others or those of their own accord. Moral injury is a “wound to the soul” resulting from the commission (or omission) of acts, witnessing of the immoral acts of others, or the experience of betrayal that violates deeply held moral values. Exposure to morally injurious events can lead to lasting psychological, biological, social, and spiritual outcomes. This proposed qualitative phenomenological study is designed to capture the lived experience of moral injury in organizational life and explore the nature of self and other transgressions, individual and situational influences, and the human cost of moral injury.

Hosted by: David Wasieleski, PJ Dillon, Erica Steckler, and Michael Pirson.

All interested students and scholars are welcome!


The HM PhD Network is sponsored by the Albert P. Viragh Institute for Ethics in Business at Duquesne University.

This monthly gathering is hosted by the International Humanistic Management Association in collaboration with the Academy of Management MSR Interest Group and Social Issues in Management (SIM) Division.