June 2022 Humanistic Management PhD Network Seminar

June 2022 Humanistic Management PhD Seminar

Monday, June 13, 2022 from 12pm – 1pm Eastern.

Welcome to IHMA’s Humanistic Management PhD Network Student Webinar Series. We support PhD candidates with mentoring, networking, and research opportunities. We also have possibilities to connect researchers for publication work, and data gathering sites in companies and organizations connected to IHMA.

In our monthly gatherings the Humanistic Management Ph.D. Network is featuring the work of selected Ph.D. students in the field to :

1) highlight their research topic

2) ask specific questions regarding their work for feedback

3) share and discuss concerns of members of the group via Zoom

Please join us for our next monthly session on June 13, 2022 as , Aatika Khan from Alliance University in India, presents her work entitled, “Impact of individual relative deprivation in knowledge on employees’ performance and behaviour.”


Human Resource Management (HRM) discipline has extracted its roots from organizational psychology discipline and has proved to be noteworthy for managing organizations’ knowledge. HRM utilizes the skills and knowledge of employees and employees’ most valuable resource is knowledge. The prime and unavoidable factor for organisational perseverance and perpetuation of competitive strength is to manage their employees’ knowledge. Over the past decades there have been exhaustive colloquies about the urgency of knowledge management (KM) in our society.

In the 21st century, one of the imperative factors for successful KM is to encourage knowledge creation, storage and sharing with application which validates organizational learning culture. An organisation KM focuses on recycling existing knowledge, rather than managing knowledge possessors’ knowledge for generating or creating new knowledge. Evidence shows that employees’ knowledge produces higher value assets in formalizing, capturing, leveraging, and gathering advancement in intellectual property and their experiences can be used to create wealth at workplace.

Employees’ knowledge is objective and subjective and closely related to subjective emotions associated with the notion of good, justice and truth. Employees evaluate the justice or injustice of their natural endowment. As individual fundamental psychological need formulates a thought to perceive the world as a just place, where people believe they get what they deserve. Individuals use the past to sculpt their subjective realties in the present and to prognosticate their future. There is a relative notion according to which we compare ourselves to others and it matters where we perceive ourselves in the knowledge hierarchy. The phenomenon relative deprivation (RD) has been primarily explained through social judgments which are not only shaped by absolute standards but standards set by social comparisons.

Several investigations have been carried through and the results of literature are remarkable on knowledge, knowledge management and individual relative deprivation (IRD). Interestingly none of the studies are released coalescing knowledge management and individual relative deprivation, despite knowing the fact, knowledge is the most valuable resource of an organisation and organisations must ameliorate deprived employees’ knowledge. The study investigates the impact of individual relative deprivation in knowledge which may intensify or alleviate the employees’ performance and behaviour with the aspects of knowledge management in organisations.

Any sort of deprivation among employees will impact their performance and behaviour whether its deprivation of technology or knowledge, the study explores to find out deprivation in knowledge causes cognitive dissonance and upshots stress in employees. The study also proposes to investigate why deprived individuals fail to show any kind of reaction for being unjustly treated, even though they are being deprived of rights or resources.

Hosted by: David Wasieleski, PJ Dillon, Erica Steckler, and Michael Pirson.

All interested students and scholars are welcome!


The HM PhD Network is sponsored by the Albert P. Viragh Institute for Ethics in Business at Duquesne University.

This monthly gathering is hosted by the International Humanistic Management Association in collaboration with the Academy of Management MSR Interest Group and Social Issues in Management (SIM) Division.