Responsible Digital Futures – Let Us Humanize Tech: November 9 (Part 1)

IHMA started a dialog on Responsible Digital Futures. We now invite you to two more opportunities to dialog with others.

Digital Technology has impacted human life in fundamental ways that has changed the way we live, work and relate. How we teach, work and train future managers is also altered. The students who have grown up with constant access to the Internet learn differently. A handful of technology companies now wield more power across the globe by having access over our attention, awareness and how we collectively organize and interact. As academics, are we proactive or just reacting to the changes all around us? IHMA is organizing those of us who are interested in being pro-active in addressing these issues.

IHMA started a dialog on Responsible Digital Futures . Following that, we now invite you to two more opportunities to dialog with others interested in pursuing this deeper. These require some pre-work.

1. Nov 9th noon et/9am PT – a shared dialog on the documentary The Social Dilemma.

Please watch the documentary film The Social Dilemma * and come together to discuss it together with other IHMA members and friends. The discussion will be lightly facilitated by those of us who have seen and reviewed it with other colleagues and students.

* We’ve included a link to the official trailer. The full documentary film is available free on a number of different platforms.

2. Dec 7th noon et/9am PT – a speaker who has worked in building humanizing technology. This is inspired by the work for Center for Humane Technology