Santiago Martínez – Spain Group

Santiago Martínez is an academic entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Providentia, a small company that offers virtuous leadership training, and also teaches Leadership, Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility in different universities in Finland, (Aalto University, University of Tampere, and Helsinki School of Business) and in Kenya (Strathmore Business School). Presently, Santiago is researching on the influence of virtues on ethical decision-making and on the interaction of reason, will and emotions. Lately, he has collaborated with the chapter “Enhancing change implementation through virtuous leadership: A philosophical discourse” in Routledge Handbook of Organizational Change in Africa (Routledge) and “Kenyan Traditional Values and Aristotelian Virtue Ethics” in African Virtue Ethics Traditions for Business and Management (Edward Elgar Publishing). Santiago’s other present topics of interests are excellence, happiness, and motivation, which he gets hiking in Finnish Lapland and running development cooperation programs in different countries in Latin America and Africa.

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