Sherri Sutton on Using Appreciative Inquiry to Create Positive Profitable Change

On April 26, 2019, the Humanistic Management Professionals group hosted Sherri Sutton from Positive Impact Force for a conversation on Appreciative Inquiry.

Sherri provided an overview of the process and shared advice and tips on how to use this both in our personal lives and in our professional lives and how the process can be used to help organizations figure out how to improve their processes.  She said the very act of asking questions can help create change.

One of the main questions she asks when interviewing a ceo of a company is – what positive changes are you willing to make to help your employees?  In order to create change – we have to be willing to make positive changes ourselves. Focusing on others – and on our own responsibilities to help others do and be better, is a really positive way to view any change process.

She gave us tips on 3 questions we can ask ourselves and others.

  1. What is the high point of your work?
  2.  What is working?
  3. What is a good future?

View the entire video here:

Recommended resources:

Sherri mentioned several books and resources you might find helpful if you want to learn more about appreciate inquiry.



  • The Power of Appreciative Inquiry: A Practical Guide to Positive Change
  • Building Resilience with Appreciative Inquiry: ALeadership Journey through Hope, Despair, and Forgiveness
  • Appreciative Inquiry: A Positive Revolution in Change
  • The Thin Book of SOAR; Building Strengths-Based Strategy
  • • The Joy of Appreciative Living by Jackie Kelm