Special Issue Organizational Aesthetics: Poems for Organizing

Submitted by Jyoti Bachani of Saint Mary’s College of California

Poetry allows us to go beyond words and read in-between lines, to make meaning in subjective contexts, awakening us to our humanity. Poems/songs have always been used in revolutions and to sell ‘stuff’ including ideas. The Humanistic values in organizing welcome full expression, beyond narrowly defined roles. Poems and songs/lyrics convey what is subtle and subjective, yet universal – like our humanity.

I mentioned this during my presentation at the Humanistic Management Pre-conference in Chicago. This is a special poetry issue of Organizational Aesthetics peer-reviewed journal where we will publish poems, translated poems and short essays about poems for organizing. Also need poetry readers willing to review for us. Submission deadline is July 2019, although submissions are reviewed as received.

Details on the call for poems: https://digitalcommons.wpi.edu/oa/cfpoetry.pdf

Electronic Submission: http://www.organizationalaesthetics.org/