Tyson Rallens – Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

Tyson Rallens

Fellow Tyson Rallens is pursuing a PhD in Strategic Management at the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. His research, which is sponsored by the Clarendon Fund, Green Templeton College, and the Saïd Foundation, concerns the impact of shared practices at work on the ability of organizations to change. It examines organizations as communities with distinct visions of human flourishing that are shaped by their shared practices and which shape their ability to enact specific business strategies. Tyson believes that human concerns for meaning, purpose, and wellbeing must be central in scholarship on organizations and strategy.

Tyson joined the IHMA PhD Network in Fall 2017. More recently, he helped IHMA create an online reading group for PhD students and others interested in the foundational ideas of humanistic management. He is organizing a workshop at the AOM Annual Meeting, with help from the editors of the Humanistic Management Journal, for involving early career academics in collaborative research on Humanistic Management.

Before starting a PhD, Tyson earned two masters degrees from the University of Oxford: an Executive MBA and an MSt in Literature and Arts. He has worked extensively as a software engineer and manager on teams creating data storage devices and remote monitoring tools for enterprise computing environments. He holds a BA in Liberal Arts and Culture and a BS in Computer Engineering. For fun, Tyson rows and coxes with Merton College Boat Club. When time permits, he also indulges a taste for classical literature and philosophy.