Humanistic Management Professionals Lunch and Learn – Isabel Rimanoczy – Sustainability Mindset

Please join the International Humanistic Management Association for a live online lunch and learn withIsabel Rimanoczy – Sustainability Mindset.

Topic: How to Develop Sustainability Mindset.
When: Friday Aug 24th – 12:00 pm – 1:00pm (EDT)

Where: Web conferencing, details will be sent before the event after your RSVP is received

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How to develop our Sustainability Mindset?
In this Webinar author Dr Rimanoczy will share the key elements that make a Sustainability Mindset, based on her research on business leaders championing sustainability initiatives. Why did they go the business-as-unusual path? And what can we learn from them, to take a proactive role in shaping a healthy, flourishing planet, where we can thrive? What is the difference we can make from where we are, with our skills and opportunities?

Guest Bio:

Isabel Rimanoczy, Ed.D. is a Strategic Sustainability Advisor, who has made it her life purpose to promote change accelerators. Aware of the complex challenges our planet (and us in it) are facing, she works alongside those who can make an impact on a greater scale. She developed the Sustainability Mindset, a concept she researched by studying business leaders who championed corporate initiatives with a positive impact on the environment and the community.

She is a Senior Partner with LEADERSHIP in MOTION, where she consults internationally on developing sustainability minded leaders. She is the convener of the UN PRME Working Group on the Sustainability Mindset, an international cohort of +100 academics from 94 universities on five continents promoting a holistic sustainability mindset in the next generation of leaders.

She is the author of 10 books

To learn more about Dr. Rimanoczy – view a recent Ted talk here:

“If you’re alive today, you’ve a role to play.”

“Today’s landscape calls for more than merely including sustainability into education, business or community action: it is a lens through which to analyze data, make decisions and design actions. Widespread information about the state of the planet helps us see that we are living in a transition time between failed economic models, inadequate social solutions and bad environmental habits – and a new reality, that we have barely thought through.”

Note: Dr.Rimanoczy would like to have some idea of what you want to talk about during our live lunch and learn. When filling out the registration form – please be sure to ask a question about her work or sustainability mindset so she can prepare to answer your questions..

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