Nabi Ebrahimi

Nabi Ebrahimi is a PhD candidate in business administration with a concentration in leadership/organization studies at the Manning School of Business, University of Massachusetts Lowell. With a keen interest in the modern workspace, his research delves into the complexities of career sustainability in the context of remote work and the intricacies of trust as artificial intelligence becomes increasingly embedded in leadership and organizational practices. He is currently doing research on how AI shapes trust dynamics within leadership frameworks. To date, he has presented his findings at esteemed platforms like the Academy of Management and the Eastern Academy of Management conferences. Furthermore, portions of his research are currently under review.

In addition to his master’s in business administration, Nabi also holds a degree in education, bringing over a decade of experience as an instructor in various international settings.

At his core, Nabi champions human dignity, life, rights to freedom and peace, justice, fairness, accountability, and the importance of voice. He is committed to ensuring that these values resonate in his research and professional endeavors. Outside the academic sphere, Nabi enjoys reading, traveling, and gardening, and cherishes moments spent with his family.